Volleyball training

Tonicity and Team Spirit!

Volleyball is an interesting team game in which not only the skill level of each player is important, but also the cohesiveness and chemistry of the team.

Corporate training

Our club can organize and provide corporate volleyball training for all company employees for the purpose of team building and maintaining health.
Volleyball, as one of the types of corporate sports can:

Improve the health of each employee in the organization.
Increase loyalty to management and raise team spirit.
Expand the social package.
Act as a motivator for quality work performance.
Training in the halls of our school is carried out:

In accordance with your requirements for start time and duration.
With the selection of coaches to meet your objectives.

Individual coach

Individual volleyball drills are conducted to solve problems in the game of a particular player. The most common themes are the desire to improve the technique of certain elements of the game or to improve existing skills. For example, offensive hitting is considered one of the complex elements of the game action, which includes several parts. To ensure the correct performance of this element, first practice all of its components separately, and then combine them.

Individual lessons with a volleyball coach allow perfecting any techniques of individual elements of the game: block, passing from above and below, receiving and serving.

Want to learn to play volleyball, but have neither strength nor desire to attend group lessons? We offer you an individual training schedule.

About Us

Our Benefits

Comfortable Playgrounds.

 Our club cooperates with sports grounds, which are located in many areas of the city. All of the sports equipment needed for practice is provided on site. All you should have at your volleyball practice is sportswear and a desire to improve.

Convenient schedule of classes.

 Group and individual training sessions are held both in the daytime and in the evening. This allows each player to combine both sports and family work and leisure with friends.

Professional Coaches.

 The coaching staff consists of real professionals, each of whom has a professional education and extensive experience working with clients with different levels of play.