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Max Korzh in Tallinn. June 29, 2024
Max returns this summer with a huge concert in Tallinn at the A. Le Coq Arena (Lilleküla Staadion). Undoubtedly it will be one of the main events, where people from all corners of our planet will come to be a part of the live and unique movement again.
We are waiting for everyone in Tallinn on 29.06.24.
Who is Max Korzh?
Max Korzh is one of the brightest representatives of Eastern European culture, his concerts are held exclusively with stadium scale in the entire post-Soviet space, he gathers full halls in the cities of Europe and North America, and the army of fans every year is growing exponentially.

A. Le Coq Arena
The concert will take place at the A. Le Coq Arena (Lilleküla Staadion). It is the biggest stadium in Estonia. The total capacity is almost 25 thousand spectators and the stadium will be fully equipped for our concert.
We open our doors at 4:00pm, with the show scheduled to start at 7:00pm. Please come early so that the concert can start on time.
Applications for accreditation of photo, video, bloggers and media should be sent to the post